SP FIT Academy

SP FIT Academy

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- 12 Week Coaching Program: 12 weeks worth of workouts, weekly cardio regimen, informational videos on nutrition and training, mindset building videos, access to daily videos to keep you engaged and on track with your goals, weekly check ins, weekly adjustments as necessary, private Facebook group, weekly group coaching calls.


> PHASE ONE: Learning the basics to training and nutrition, identifying your limiting beliefs

- It’s one thing to be given a program, it’s another thing to understand the WHY behind the program.

- I want you to understand your nutrition and training program, why it is laid out the way that it is and how you can be the most successful in your efforts right off the bat

-We will be identifying your limiting beliefs, habits that could be better, and start feeling better about yourself on a daily basis

> PHASE 2: Workouts intensify, Diving Deeper into Mindset and how to increase energy, strength, and discipline towards your goals!

-The workouts are going to rev up and challenge you to dig deeper, feel stronger, and even more confident in the gym

- Going deep into why you have certain habits, where they stem from and consistently making an effort towards change everyday

-How to discover having more energy, feel less stressed, and more excited than ever to keep getting better

> PHASE 3: Elite Level Workouts that Challenge You, Learning How to Intuitive Eat Without Having to Track Everything, Discovering More of Your Purpose

- By Week 9 You are going to be ready to take things up a notch even more in your workouts and challenge yourself like never before

-You are going to have a really good understanding of portion sizes at this point and graduate more towards intuitive eating and tracking so you’re not so dependent on hitting the numbers

-You are going to be moving more towards your purpose, having to have made it to this point, you have proven discipline, consistency, and the willingness to do whatever it takes to make it happen because you deserve it, my goal is for this to translate in all aspects of your life: confident in who you are, better relationships, believing you can have your dream job, your dream life, you are in control

-You are going to graduate from this program a better person than when you started, I am providing you with all the tools, but you are the one who is physically putting in the work everyday towards change, you can do anything you want in this life!