Men's 8 Week Fit For Life Program

Men's 8 Week Fit For Life Program

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What's Included?

-Customized Macronutrients

-The Fit For Life Formula

-Basics to Nutrition and Training by setting a really good foundation

-2 Phases of workouts

-Sample meal plans

-Cardio schedule

-30 Videos on Nutrition, Training and Mindset

-How to calculate your macronutrients

-Weekly Group Accountability check ins

-Journal Prompts


-What to do after the 8 Weeks

-Facebook community support to ask questions

Who is this for?

-Those who want to feel confident in their skin

-Those who want to feel happier on a daily basis

-Those who want to lose excess body fat

-Those who want to challenge themselves

-Those who know they need a clear cut plan with the proper strategy for their workouts and nutrition

-Those who are ready to make a lifestyle chaine

-Those who want to show up powerfully and and confident AF in anything, anywhere they are

-Those who are tired of being feeling held back because of their physical health

-Those who are ready to take freaking action

Who is this not for?

-Those who are lazy

-Those who are looking for a quick fix

-Those who have no desire to invest in their health

-Those who are not ready to make a true commitment to their goals

Total value: $997 [cross the price out] but I am giving it to you today for only $97