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About Sam

Samantha is a certified Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritionist. She has been an online fitness coach for the past 5 years and has helped thousands of women make total body transformations. Sam is a NPC Bikini competitor who has competed 11x and has won 6 first place trophies.
Samantha not only values a healthy body, but she also values having a healthy mindset. Through the videos she provides to her clients, she encourages them to think more positively and moe towards the life they love to live. 
She isn't just here to give you a basic workout or training program, Sam designs each program individually to fit each client and their specific goals. She creates an experience through her programs so that the client not only is getting information, but they are being given tons of videos week by week that explain the WHY behind the process and establish a strong mindset. 
Sam has a desire to help people live their best lives and feel good about the person they are.  She believes we are all here for a purpose, and she encourages each individual to live theirs out!  

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