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Becoming More Confident and Going After Your Dreams

Are you someone who wants to be more confident and live the life they see in their dreams?

I remember back in college I was studying to become a doctor. I thought doctor = high paying salary, which means I'm set for life as far as making a stable income. 

First of all, my reasoning for becoming a doctor was merely for the money. I didn't have a passion for any specific field and that right there is a red flag for choosing a profession for the wrong reasons.

See, I didn't ask myself, what do I REALLY want before I decided to further my education in college. I was going along with what was 'expected' of me instead of figuring out what my purpose was in life.

Have you found yourself in a similar situation? Do you ever feel like you're 'stuck' in a profession your heart really isn't in?

Two years into college, I started competing in bikini competitions and was sharing my journey on social media. I saw early on 5 years ago that I could reach people all over the world through an online platform known as Instagram. I was posting my progress and was getting TONS of feedback and questions from others who wanted similar results.

I decided from there that I would further my education in personal training and become a certified personal trainer and sports nutritionist. Merely 4 months later I had my first website and through marketing my services via social media, I was getting so many inquires for online fitness coaching.  

At just 20 years old, I was working with 100s of women, helping them transform their entire bodies and the momentum was so high, and I kept wanting to pour my heart and soul into my business rather than college.

From there I had to make one of the toughest decisions and that was leaving college. I actually withdrew without telling my parents. I was soooo scared of what they would think of me and it took me a few months to actually work up the courage to tell them I quit. 

At first, they wanted to kick me out. They told me they would no longer support me if I didn't finish college and I was being given an ultimatum. I remember being filled with tears and it being one of the hardest things I had to go through.

As much as I wanted their approval, I knew deep down in my heart that my calling was to help people transform not only their physical bodies, but their mindsets. I feel alive, excited, and eager to do what I do every single day.

That's where the confidence came into play. I trusted myself. I was confident in my capabilities and confident that I could create an impactful business through my coaching.

I spent hours and hours each day creating content, answering emails, working out, and never giving up. I had to prove not only to my parents, but to myself that I could make it happen. 

It wasn't until a year later that they actually came around. I can honestly say that our relationship is the strongest it has ever been and my family now comes to me for advice. It's the most amazing feeling!

My best advice to you is spend time by yourself, in your own thoughts, in your own energy and picture the life you want to be living: what does your ideal day look like? What type of impact do you want to make here? Where are you living? What do your relationships look like? What kind of home do you see yourself being in? How do you feel about the person that you know you can be?


If you have an idea that keeps you awake at night and lights up your soul, start putting that idea into action. Ideas are nothing without execution. We are living in the best time possible to create whatever we want out of our lives, so take full advantage of it. I encourage you to put energy into your dreams every day if that's what makes you truly happy.

When you see that picture so vividly in your mind, and feel how it truly feels inside, you will radiate with confidence. You will be unstoppable.

I am grateful for every part of my journey that led me to where I am today and the best part about it is that there's always room for growth! Hope this helped you in some way. Much love - Coach Sam Paparo


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