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My Top 10 Goals in 2020

My Top 10 Goals in 2020

Happy New Year! It's the start of a new decade, WOW!

With that being said, I put together my top 10 goals for 2020.

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#1: Host my first SPFIT Academy LIVE Event

#2: Spend 30-60 minutes to myself - no phone or external distractions and become more mindful

#3: Consistent monthly income goals 

#4: Surround myself with like minded people

#5: Relax More - Not be so hard on myself like I am not doing enough

#6: Consistent sleep schedule 

#7: Drink more water -...

Becoming More Confident and Going After Your Dreams

Becoming More Confident and Going After Your Dreams

Are you someone who wants to be more confident and live the life they see in their dreams?

I remember back in college I was studying to become a doctor. I thought doctor = high paying salary, which means I'm set for life as far as making a stable income. 

First of all, my reasoning for becoming a doctor was merely for the money. I didn't have a passion for any specific field and that right there is a red flag for choosing a profession for the wrong reasons.

See, I didn't ask myself, what do...

How to Build Your Butt - TOP 6 EXERCISES

How to Build Your Butt - TOP 6 EXERCISES

The glutes, aka your 'butt' is composed of 3 different muscles. The gluteus Maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus.  

These three muscles as a whole are responsible for the base support for your pelvis and hips. They also are in charge of rotating your femur externally and internally as well as stabilize your femur in the hip socket. This is how we can stand, sit, and walk, which is something we do every single day so you can understand how important these muscles are.

If your glutes are weak, it can affect your balance and posture.  If you are someone who...