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"Sam is not only a wonderful coach but a supportive, positive, and kind person. I researched for a few months on who I wanted to take me to show day for my very first bikini competition before deciding on hiring her. Anyone that knows even a little bit about the bodybuilding world, knows how important it is to have the right coach. In the end, I am very satisfied with my decision. She preps her clients using healthy, sustainable methods and does not go to extremes but still GETS RESULTS. I lost 20 pounds in 3 months but gained a lot of independence, knowledge, and confidence. I ended up placing at a very competitive first show and she actually took the almost 2 hour drive to see me on stage! I am currently prepping for a second show with Sam and will stay with her throughout my reverse diet. Hopefully, Sam will not only be my coach but a friend for life! Anyone considering hiring her for a show or even just a lifestyle change will be making a great choice."

wow let me tell you working with Sam P and her dedication for this sport and her drive to better not only herself but the people around her and her clients and friends says a lot of her character . She always goes above an beyond for all her clients working with Sam has shown me how  to love the skin I am in how to appreciate all thing in life and understand diet and physical fitness at an elite status because Samantha P is thee ELITE Athlete she is so smart and yet so humble and kind to know her is truly to love her to work with her is a blessing if your not following her on her youtube you must if your looking for a coach weather for show or for a healthier lifestyle to get the body of your dreams get in touch with her asap she is a game changer !!! she will help you reach your individual goal . I have worked with a lot of people in the past but never had someone like Sam she cares about your happiness and your goals she works late to make sure you have your stuff and wants to know if you happy with what she give you not anyone I ever met is like her . I'm blessed to have met her and I will continue to work with her for as a long as I possible can . she is by far the best most amazing elite athlete and coach I ever met and her drive and determination is beyond and words I can ever state !!!!!!!!! plus have you seen her abs omg killa trying to get myself to half of what she is go sam !!!!!!!!!!!

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